EMF, EHS & More 10th February 2020

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A conference on the health effects of Electromagnetic fields (EMF), Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), and the increasing exposure with 5G, smart meters, smart cities, and IOT.

Department of Environmental Studies, Porter School of Environmental and Earth Sciences at Tel Aviv University In collaboration with "EHS Israel" NGO.

Tel Aviv : Israel
10th February 2020

The Conference

Department of Environmental Studies,
Tel Aviv University , The Porter Building
10 February 2020
02:00 pm

We live in a time of many changes, as a result of the wireless and cellular revolution, alongside the increase in use of electric appliances and it's infrastructures.  The many lifestyle advantages are accompanied by an increase of the public's exposure to the non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation (EMF). This exposure is considered to be safe in the short term, but do we know the influences of a daily exposure for many years?

The dramatic increase in the exposure to non-ionizing radiation, of different types and sources, evokes more and more research showing biological effects. There is also an increase in the reports and complains about symptoms appearing after exposure to man-made Electromagnetic radiation, in some cases of a major decline in life quality. These radiation victims are referred to as "Electromagnetic Hypersensitive" people (EHS).

This conference will give information about EHS and the health effects of exposure to EMF. The presentations will focus on several topics:

  • The complexity of researching the biological and health effect of EMF exposure. 

  • Continuance and increasing of the exposure, alongside the scientific proof of biological effect and health damage.

  • Ethical implications of the public exposure to non-ionizing radiation, willing or not-willing, in public & personal space, as more & more people report symptoms & EHS.

  • The condition of EHS people with limitations  & functional disability, without recognition, aid or accessibility.

  • Health and educational systems facing EHS sufferers, without diagnostic and therapeutic tools to handle this complicated new bio-psycho-social condition.

  • The complexity & processes of coping with EHS and rehabilitation of EHS people, and their needs. 


About Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity  

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), which sometimes mistakenly referred to as "EMF allergy", is a medical condition in which the body reacts, with the appearance of symptoms, to exposure to non-ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF, mostly cellular and wireless radiation). EHS cause many functional difficulties, and in extreme cases cause a functional disability. The symptoms gradually disappear in a low-EMF environment, which is becoming harder to find during the last decades. Most EHS people are not born with EHS, but they become EHS because or aggregated exposure to EMF in levels that are considered regular today.

With the year by year increase of environmental exposure of EMF, with each new generations or cellular & wireless technologies, more and more people are joining the EHS communities around the world. But the awareness of this medical-functional complicated condition, by health and medical, education & welfare systems, as the awareness to the biological and health effect of exposure to EMF is usually very low.



Conference Program


PhD. Daniel Mishory - Bioethics, environmental sensitivity, denied diseases, and the right to nature and public space.

Prof Devra Davis PhD - Health effect of EMF and the 5G deployment in the USA.

PhD. Paul Ben Ishai - Biological influences of 90GHz RFR (Radio Frequency Radiation).


First Session - health, environment and more


30 min break


MD. Yael Stein MD - Mechanisms of electro sensitivity (EHS) – biological and physiological aspects.  Explanation and proofs of the controversial syndrome, on basis of research and cases of EHS sufferers, and proposals to policies in this field.

Amir Borenstein - EHS personal story, Coping with EHS and supporting others.
Maya Elhalal - Applying Healthy-Longevity insights to reduce EHS.
Gal Weiss - EHS – MCS, Dementia and the Autoimmune connection .

Maya Elhalal - EHS ISRAEL NGO

Second session - Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity

Gathering and registration



Partners and Sponsors


Past Events

Registration Request 

The conference is intended for medical and public health professionals, researchers, educators, social workers, policymakers, people suffering from Electromagnetic-hypersensitivity and their families. 

Place is limited, so please register and we will get back to you to confirm your participation. Filling this form is the first step to participation, but please wait for our confirmation.

Taking part in the conference is free. If you would like to donate 50NIS to 'EHS ISRAEL' NGO please let us know in the form below.


Cellphone and other wireless devices should not be used in the conference room and lobby. Other areas will be allocated for such use. 

Department of Environmental Studies, Tel Aviv University , The Porter Building- Room 101

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